In 2019, Whistler's Vital Signs introduced the Vital Café concept which has invited community members to toss the small talk and break into conversations about the BIG issues affecting our community -- but in a worldwide context. Vital Cafés for 2019 wrapped up in November.

The Vital Podcast was born of the idea that, whether you were able to join the community at the table or not, you could still be a part of that conversation.

Each podcast is a focused conversation with podcast host Kim Slater and a presenter from each topical Vital Café. For more information about how the topics were choosen and related Vital Blogs visit

Episode 1: Thinking Like a Mountain with guest Leslie Anthony

Episode 2: No COmmunity without Learning, No learning without community With Suki Cheyne

EPISODE 3: Yes, There IS Poverty in Whistler with Sara Jennings

EPISODE 4: Turning Climate CHange into a Climate of Change

EPisode 5: Whistler, Do we consume Too Much? with Guest Sue Maxwell


EPISODE 6: How Inclusive Is Whistler, Really? With Guest Carole Stretch

Stay tuned for more podcasts in this nine-part series, to be released every 2 weeks (allowing for a break over the holidays), through February 2020.

Thank you

Vancouver Foundation LogoVancouver Foundation for your supporting funds from the Capacity Building Grant.

101.5 Whistler FM for your invaluable patience and teachings, as well as the use of your tools in creating this professional-quality podcast that will reach many corners of the community.

Kim Slater for your compassionate, and yet thought-provoking, contributions to Whistler's Vital Podcast.

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