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Vital Connections

Whistler VS Logo Black HiresThank you for participating in the Connect and Engage Survey. 

The 2018 survey was completed on May 4th.

The goal of the survey was to understand how you feel about your neighbourhood and your town. The survey was about your experiences and the connections you have on a personal or individual level, with your neighbours, and with the broader community.

Survey findings will be shared in the Vital Signs report to be published in October 2018.

Vital Signs 2018

The Whistler Vital Signs initiative aims to gather community knowledge, enhance community connections and encourage participation in community life.

In 2018, in addition to updating Whistler's Vital Signs®, we are exploring how individuals build and experience connections and belonging in our community.

Vital Partners

If you joined us as a Vital Partner, your amazing efforts will be reflected in the 2018 Vital Signs report that will be released this October. The report will provide updated data about how well the community is doing and incorporate the results of the Vital Signs Connect and Engage survey.



The Community Foundation of Whistler and the Whistler Centre for Sustainability are partnering for Vital Connections in the community.

Vital Connections combines the Whistler Vital Signs initiative with the Resilient Streets Whistler program.

The partnership brings together the community engagement element of Vital Signs with up to $10,000 in micro-grants that are available through the Resilient Streets program to build and celebrate connections in local neighbourhoods in the summer of 2018.

Learn more about Resilient Streets. The first round of grants end June 15th.



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