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Starting January 22, 2019, we're inviting you to toss the small talk and break into community conversations about the BIG issues affecting our community -- but in a worldwide context.

Inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Community Foundation of Whistler is hosting regularly scheduled monthly Vital Cafés open to all community members through 2019.

While January is an exception, the remainder of the Vital Cafes are scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday of each month. So, mark your calendars to check in on the theme - and join us if the topic inspires you.

Vital Cafes are meant to be intimate with 10 - 15 participants. Each cafe starts with a brief opener to the topic. For that opener, we will be partnering with local organizations that are already working toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Thinking Like a Mountain

Special Guests: Kristina Swerhun and Leslie Anthony 

January 22 | 5:00pm to 6:30pm | Whistler Museum & Archives {RESERVE A SEAT}

Yes, there IS poverty in Whistler

Special Guests: Whistler Community Services

February 19 |  5:00pm to 6:30pm | Whistler Museum & Archives {RESERVE A SEAT}

 What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals?


You can still find the 2018 Connect & Engage report right here:

We ALL belong here . . . but not all of us FEEL a sense of belonging.

The Community Foundation of Whistler’s Vital Signs initiative uses local knowledge to measure the vitality of our community, create conversations and encourage collective action.

We believe that the vitality and resiliency of our community is linked to the strength of our social connections and support in the community. People who feel a sense of belonging and who are connected to their community are physically and mentally healthier.

Whistler's Vital Signs Connect + Engage report is a full update of our Whistler's Vital Signs Uncovering Whistler 2016 report. It also continues to explore how community members connect at a personal, neighbourhood and community level.

The Whistler Vital Signs initiative aims to gather community knowledge, enhance community connections and encourage participation in community life.

In 2018, in addition to updating Whistler's Vital Signs®, we are exploring how individuals build and experience connections and belonging in our community.

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Vital Conversations

We All Belong

You may have joined us for a Vital Conversation in the spring 2018, if so, your contributions are reflected in Whistler's Vital Signs Connect + Engage report.

But we'd like for the conversation to continue.


If you joined us as a Vital Partner, your amazing efforts will be reflected in the 2018 Vital Signs report that will be released this October. The report will provide updated data about how well the community is doing and incorporate the results of the Vital Signs Connect and Engage survey.

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The Community Foundation of Whistler and the Whistler Centre for Sustainability are partnering for Vital Connections in the community.

Vital Connections combines the Whistler Vital Signs initiative with the 2018 Whistler Resilient Streets program.

The partnership brings together the community engagement element of Vital Signs with up to $10,000 in micro-grants that are available through the Resilient Streets program to build and celebrate connections in local neighbourhoods in the summer of 2018.

Learn more about Resilient Streets. The last round of grants ended Sept 20th, 2018.


CONNECT & ENGAGE 2018 Partners:

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David Livesey & Associates