Investing in a Thriving Community

Field of Interest Funds

These are discretionary funds intended to support general areas of interest to the community as chosen by the donor:


Bob and Sue Adams Leadership Fund

Sue Bob AdamsSince making Whistler their home in 1988, Bob and Sue Adams have immersed themselves in community life. Here is where they built their businesses and became fixtures on nearly every board and volunteer community organization in Whistler and Pemberton. They have mentored dozens of individuals into becoming business and community leaders.

The Bob and Sue Adams Leadership Fund provides grants to support the professional development of those in the community who work or volunteer for local charties. The fund also supports scholarships to graduating students in the Whistler and Pemberton. The focus for scholarships will be to support students pursuing community development, social work, psychology, or business studies.

Read Bob and Sue's story in the Legacy Book of Whistler

Taricha Granulosa

Environmental Legacy Fund

This fund encourages eligible organizations to develop programs and processes in the Whistler region that:

  • Establish environmental conservation activities;
  • Restore, rehabilitate or enhance natural habitats;
  • Provide, encourage or support scientific research that benefits the environment;
  • Provide, encourage or support public education or raise public awareness about environmental stewardship;
  • Map and inventory natural resources for environmental management planning purposes; and
  • Establish or promote local environmental stewardship or local participation in programs that preserve, enhance, conserve or restore the environment.

Emergency Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide emergency assistance to individuals living in Whistler or Pemberton who have experienced loss due to an emergency.

Kathy France 2006Comp

Kathy Barnett Memorial Fund 

This fund was established in 2008 by Bob Barnett and the Community Foundation of Whistler in memory of Kathy Barnett. The fund was also created with significant support from Kathy's family, friends and colleagues. Kathy was a strong, community oriented woman who gave of herself for the betterment of others. Together with her husband, Kathy founded Pique Newsmagazine. She was a founding director of the Community Foundation of Whistler, past Chair of the Whistler Chamber of Commerce and, among other accomplishments, an appointee to the provincial Ministry of Small Business and Revenue's roundtable on small business.

The fund provides leadership grants to women living in the Sea to Sky Corridor. The grants are intended to support women who work with local charities and who wish to pursue professional development opportunities that will be used to give back to their charity and improve the quality of life in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

Whistler Blackcomb Foundation Fund

This fund supports projects and activities that benefit children, youth and families. The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation Fund participates in the Community Grants program.

Whistler Youth Foundation Fund

The Whistler Youth Foundation is dedicated to supporting youth-oriented programs through grants and volunteerism.

Youth are one of Whistler's largest stakeholder groups and the Whistler Youth Foundation seeks to engage youth in community activities. The Whistler Youth Foundation is composed of local youth who provide input into the grants awarded from the Whistler Youth Foundation Fund.

Grants generated by the Whistler Youth Foundation Fund support projects by youth and projects that benefit youth.