Announcing Executive Director Claire Mozes

Announcing Executive Director Claire Mozes

we are excited and proud to announce that Claire Mozes has accepted the position of Executive Director

After an extensive and rigorous search, we are excited and proud to announce that Claire Mozes has accepted the position of Executive Director to begin June 15, 2019.

Claire’s professional and personal achievements demonstrate a diverse background that includes experience in fundraising, program and project management, strategic planning, non-profit training, as well as financial administration.

Claire holds a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction – Human and Social Development degree from the University of Victoria and has a strong background in non-profit organization management. She comes to us by way of Whistler Community Services (Interim Executive Director) and The Whistler Children’s Centre Society (Acting Executive Director and Manager of Human Resources and Administration). Claire has deep family roots in the community, and is adept at consistently improving policies, procedures and programs through research, evaluation and communication.

We are confident that Claire’s leadership skills, and experience will continue our organization’s successes and help shape the Community Foundation of Whistler’s vision for the generations to come. When asked from where she gains her leadership, Claire wrote:

"I have developed my leadership skills over the years by focusing on self-awareness, communication skills and hard work. Through studying Human and Social Development at the University of Victoria, I gained valuable knowledge that has positively impacted my work in non-profits. My leadership skills would not exist without the mentorship and support of many people including my family and social service professionals that I have had the privilege to work with at Whistler Community Services and the Whistler Children’s Centre . . . ” 

The Foundation’s current Executive Director, Carol Coffey, will be stepping down and moving on to other opportunities. We’re forever grateful for Carol’s deep contributions to the Foundation. Carol has built many strong and vital coalitions throughout our community to further the Foundation’s mission. Please join us in celebration of Carol’s leadership and tenure on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at the Pan Pacific Village Centre at 5:00 p.m. (RSVP here)

The leadership transition is just another milestone in a proud organizational history characterized by continual learning, growing, and reflection – always centering on our donors, our community and their growth. We are confident that Claire Mozes will lead us into a new era of growth and development.

The Community Foundation of Whistler manages nearly $7 million in endowed and flow through funds.

Ackhurst Family Rotary Club of Whistler

American Friends of Whistler Fund

Arts & Culture Legacy Fund

AWARE Environmental Fund

Bob and Sue Adams Leadership Fund

Chili Thom Scholarship Fund

Community Fund

Deborah Smythe and Family Fund

Doug and Mary Forseth Fund

Emerald Foundation Fund

Emergency Fund

Enviro Fund

Environmental Legacy Fund

Grad 2014 Legacy Scholarship Fund

J. Duncan Fund

Jill Ackhurst Social Action Fund

Kathy Barnett Memorial Fund

Kelty and Riley Dennehy Scholarship

Marlene Siemens Callanish Society

Michael Sparks Fund

Misha Arnott Fund

Moving Mountains for Children

Pemberton Community Endowment Fund

Pemberton Community Fund

R. Brown Fund

R. Heine Fund

Sarah McSeveney Scholarship Fund

Terry and Barb Deutscher Fund

W. Zebrowski Fund

Whistler Adaptive Sports Fund

Whistler and Pemberton Big Brothers

Whistler Animals Galore Fund

Zero Ceiling Society Fund





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Posted on Tuesday, May 07, 2019