Community Foundation of Whistler announces spring grants: $225,000

Bats, birds, children, learning, nature, biodiversity and connection. These are the stand out themes of this year’s grants.

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The Community Foundation continues to focus on a sense of belonging and connection as these are at the core of a resilient community. In granting, we look to fund programs that support: 

  • Building connections between people
  • Inclusiveness
  • People participating in community at the grassroots level
  • Collaboration
  • Building capacity of people and organizations
  • Addressing root causes

We are proud to be awarding a number of grants that support a wide range of community life. Many of our grants also address a number of issues we have identified in our Vital Signs initiative. This includes the need for more childcare, the need to support new immigrant parents, climate action, protection of our natural ecosystems, and access to learning opportunities. Also, we know that mental health continues to be an issue in the community. This is why the Foundation looks for opportunities to support people in building social supports and connections. A sense of belonging and connection creates strong mental health and prevents illness over the long term.

Our recent review of the Neighbourhood Small Grants applications confirmed that our community understands the importance of bringing people together to create a sense of belonging and connection at the grass roots level. We are excited to be choosing from several inclusive and collaborative project ideas.

This year the Community Foundation is celebrating our 20th anniversary. Over the past 20 years the foundation has granted out more than $2.86 million back to the community. What’s amazing about this is that we have turned $4.7 million in donations into $2.86 million in grants and also grown the invested amount to $6.6 million.

We want to stress that it’s not just about how much we give to the community, but rather it’s about how we give to the community. We invest in people; in the capacity and resilience of our people, our organizations, and the ecosystems of our community. A community is so much more than bricks and mortar. A community is about the people and how we interact with one another. A Community Foundation works to support the connections that make us healthy.” ~ Carol Coffey, Executive Director

Caring Community Grants Program - Whistler Community Grants

  1. Whistler Learning Centre Business & Leadership Education Bursaries  $3,000
  2. Whistler Waldorf School New Licensed Group Childcare Program $3,000

Caring Community Grants Program - Whistler Youth Grants 

  1. Whistler Writing Society: Authors in the Schools. Grant amount $1,000
  2. Pemberton Children’s Centre: Sensory path. Grant amount $300 

Caring Community Grants: Social Care (Jill Ackhurst Social Action Fund)

  1. Sea to Sky Community Services & Whistler Multicultural Network: Parenting in another culture. Grant amount $2,300
  2. Whistler Community Services Society: Pregnancy and Infant Loss. Grant amount $750
  3. Howe Sound Women’s Centre: Mama Baby Connection. Grant amount $750
  4. Zero Ceiling Society: Work to Live: Support Pillar. Grant amount $1,500 

Pemberton and Area Community Grants 

  1. Pemberton Childcare Society: Playground. Grant amount $1,500
  2. Signal Hill Elementary School: Hockey Court Re-Pave. Grant amount $1,500 

Environmental Legacy Grants Program 

  1. AWARE: Rare Bird Survey- Northern Goshawk. Grant amount $6,000
  2. AWARE: Capacity Funding. Grant amount $10,000
  3. AWARE: School Climate Change Workshops. Grant amount $5,000
  4. AWARE: Whistler Nature Camp. Grant amount $26,000
  5. Whistler Naturalists Society: Fungus Among Us Mushroom Festival. Grant amount $5,500
  6. Whistler Naturalists Society: Whistler BioBlitz. Grant amount $20,000
  7. Whistler Naturalists Society: Bird Studies. Grant amount $2,000
  8. Whistler Museum and Archives Society and the Whistler Naturalists: Wedgemount Glacier Monitoring. Grant amount $2,500
  9. Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council: Inventory, Control and Monitoring. Grant amount $22,000
  10. Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council: Education, Outreach and Training. Grant amount $21,000
  11. Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council: Capacity Funding. Grant amount $5,000
  12. Stewardship Pemberton Society: Feast for Change. Grant amount $5,800
  13. Stewardship Pemberton Society: Bat Conservation Pemberton. Grant amount $12,180
  14. Whistler Waldorf School: Bees to Trees. Grant amount $1,050 

Kathy Barnett Leadership Grants 

  1. Howe Sound Women’s Centre, Ashely Oakes: Executive Lab. Grant amount $1,359.20
  2. Howe Sound Women’s Centre, Laurie Hannah: Nia White Belt Training. Grant amount $1,602
  3. Skate Canada for Kari-Ann MacDonald (Sea2Sky Skating Club): Ice Summit. Grant amount $463
  4. Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, Helen Mitchell: Nonprofit Management Certificate. Grant amount $3,000 

Bob and Sue Adams Leadership Grants 

  1. Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, Helen Mitchell: Nonprofit Management Certificate. Grant amount $500 

Charity Funds 

Charity funds provide support for the operational expenses of local charities. 

Arts and Culture Legacy Fund. Disbursement $18,330

AWARE Environmental Fund. Disbursement $218

Big Brothers Big Sisters Sea to Sky Fund. Disbursement $200

Whistler Public Library Fund. Disbursement $235

Zero Ceiling Society Fund. Disbursement $285

Whistler Animals Galore Fund. Disbursement $284

Whistler Adaptive Sports Program Fund. Disbursement $2,500

Whistler Museum and Archives Fund. Disbursement $500

Whistler Search and Rescue Fund. Disbursement $36,500 (to be confirmed) 


Our vision is a thriving community!

The Community Foundation of Whistler is the only local opportunity for donors to create a personal legacy that will give back to the community in their name year after year, forever. Donations to an endowment fund are permanently invested and professionally managed. The income generated supports local charities in the form of annual grants.  




For more information, contact:

Claire Mozes, Executive Director

Posted on Wednesday, April 24, 2019