20 Years: A year in review

Scott And Sue (1 Of 1) 2018 KB recipient Mary Saugsted Libby Mc Keever (1 Of 1)


This year began with Sue Lawther and Scott Pass at the helm of the ship, Sue as Chair and Scott as Vice Chair.

Winter 2019


By mid-winter, we had launched the first Vital Cafe of 2019. The (almost) montly event was designed as a roundtable discussion on various topics affecting Whistler as a community, but under the scrutiny of the Global Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the United Nations. The first event was a success with Thinking like a mountain presented by Guest Leslie Anthony. 

Next, we took a risk and started a conversation about poverty in Whistler during the Vital Cafe: Yes, there IS poverty in Whistler presented by Sara Jennings.

Spring 2019

As spring approached, Mary Saugstead, Kathy Barnett Leadership Grant Recipient, presented an Approachable Adult Workshopto complete her last 2.5 hours of practicum to become a certified Sexual Health Educator (see second banner image).


As Whistler's Vital Signs program expanded, we added a new member to our team. Libby McKeever brought her enthusiasm to the Vital Signs Committee and would go on to organize the Vital Cafes and a new initiative later in the the year (see third banner image).

We celebrated a sense of belonging with the award of over $225, 000 in grants and disbursements to more than 35 programs, like glacier monitoring, and charities, like Zero Ceiling.

Summer 2019

Summer kicked off with two events: our Neighbourhood Small Grants Luncheon and AGM, which were well attended by new and longtime locals alike.

NSG Ceremony (2 Of 2)

During that time, we bid a fond farewell to Carol Coffey and welcomed Claire Mozes as our new Executive Director. Plus, eight neighbourhoods were awarded a Neighbourhood Small Grant to execute a neighbourhood project or celebration.

Next, we sent a new team (including Executive Director, Claire Mozes; Board Chair, Sue Lawther; and Board Member, Sharon Broatch) to the Community Foundations of Canada Conference #ALLIN2019. Check out a few highlights from the conference in the video above.

19jun 21 Mischa Chq Present _ Ls Web (2 Of 2)

We also introduced our first peer to peer fundraising campaign through Canada Helps, and raised $45,000 toward Mischa Arnott Alpine Youth Legacy Project.

Suki C Small

Before the kids were back in school, we recorded our first Whistler's Vital Podcast with Host Kim Slater and local learning expert, Suki Cheyne.

Fall 2019

20th WCF - Low -res Digital (2 Of 11)

As the weather turned cold, we reviewed the history of granting at the Community Foundation of Whistler and prepared for a lovely 20th Anniversary reception.

20th WCF - Low -res Digital (9 Of 11)

We invited you to start calling us Whistler Community Foundation at the party. And you embraced the change.

19sep 18 Vital Cafe Truth And Reconciliation (5 Of 16) 4MP

We hosted a Truth & Reconcilliation Vital Cafe that had an incredible impact on all who participated. We are grateful to those who made big leaps in local knowledge and understanding of First Nations people living in the region.


The RMOW announced that the expansion to the Meadow Park Sports Centre was well underway, thanks in part to $400,000 grant made possible by the Whistler Community Foundation's Emerald Fund.

Outlook for 2020

Climate Crisis

Join us for the first Vital Cafe. Climate Crisis: Where are the urgent actions in a climate crisis? More information is available at Eventbrite: vital-cafe-climate-crisis.eventbrite.com

Also, watch for:

  • fresh updates of our website with great stories front and centre
  • our 2019 Vital Report
  • more Vital Podcasts

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Finally, our granting season starts soon, and while your past investments have grown the size of our granting opportunities, we must continue to grow our funds to go bigger and do better things within our community.

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Posted on Friday, December 27, 2019