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Whistler, BC

October 22, 2019

Celebrating our 20th anniversary at the Community Foundation of Whistler presents an opportunity to reflect on our achievements, and progress, as a charity over time. From a $25,000 gift at start up gift to 7 million in assets, we have developed into one of the community’s leading funding sources for non-profit organizations.

While the name Community Foundation of Whistler served us well, we believe the time has come to progress to the next stage of our development starting with a refreshed name which aligns more closely with the other 191 community foundations that exist throughout Canada.

20th WCF - Low -res Digital (2 Of 11)From the evening of the 10th of October, we are pleased to announce our new name is Whistler Community Foundation. Our tagline, Investing in a Thriving Community, remains unchanged to reflect our focus on matching donors’ philanthropic goals and local community needs.

Community members can expect Whistler Community Foundation to continue to provide a service that adds real value to our community by granting, building partnerships and sharing knowledge. Our business model remains the same.

20th WCF - Low -res Digital (9 Of 11)As a community foundation, we will pool donors’ gifts and use professional investment managers to ensure the careful stewardship of assets resulting in income available to grant.

The Whistler Community Foundation is honored to be a trusted charitable non-profit organization and will continue to contribute time, leadership and financial support to initiatives that benefit our community the most.


For more information, contact: Claire Mozes, Executive Director

About Us

Whistler Community Foundation is a charitable public foundation, operated by members of our local community who live, work and raise their families here in the Sea to Sky region.

We bring people together to create opportunities for dialogue, learning, and partnership. Our knowledge of the community helps us to create maximum impact with our grant programs.

Posted on Monday, October 21, 2019