Anonymous Art Show Fundraiser was a Huge Hit!

by Lisa Severn

If you’ve ever been to the Maury Young Arts Centre, you’ll know the feeling of walking up the stairs, rounding the handrail and instantly being introduced to a display of incredible art.

But, one night in early April, the Art Centre felt different. Anticipation had been building for the unique display of anonymous art that the Arts Whistler crew had put up that week.

As I approached that top step, I felt a new buzz of excitement. The room was jam-packed full of locals hoping to get their hands on one (…or two...or three) of the more than 250 – 8” x 8” x 1.5” pieces of local BUT completely anonymous art.

Anonymous Art Show Crowd

Image: Jeremy Allen @thefulltimehobby

I had merely bought four tickets for the door. Of course, I had seen the online gallery. But seeing it under the gallery lighting was a totally different experience. The art was stunning.

Discerning art buyers jockeyed for position against the gallery ropes. Each diligently circling their faves. I used a pencil to triple circle my top 5, a single dark circle for my next top 5 and a light circle for the next.

Hoping to get just one of my top 5, I rushed downstairs and bought a second-tier ticket. In seconds, I was back upstairs picking a random second-tier number – it was 73. Technically, I would be the 73rd person to select my art. I was pleased to be sitting where I was in the picking order.

Moments before the caller reached the 70s, I frantically ran around checking my top 5.

Two of them were GONE.

Karen Love Art Bought By Sholto

Image: Jeremy Allen @thefulltimehobby

Turns out, both were entries by Karen Love, a talented artist who is well known for simple yet stunning geometric representations of the Pemberton Valley (remember the hay bales in Mile One – the painting can still be seen in images everywhere). Seeing Karen’s name surprised me, although I later thought I should have recognized both as Karen’s pieces. But I guess that’s the beauty of anonymity.

My next choice was still there. We had thirty seconds to dash over to the piece we wanted. I wasted no time. I ran to a colourful owl placed right in front of the buyer’s line – as if the art volunteers had made it easy just for me.

Instantly, I learned that Art of Indigo instructor, Kim Maitland had painted my new artwork entitled “Hooter”. I was over the moon about adding it to our growing collection of local artwork.

Next year, I won’t hesitate to buy a top-tier ticket. There is so much value in that ticket: a night of excitement, a piece to take home and a contribution to the Whistler Arts & Culture Legacy Fund.

A huge thank you goes out to all the Arts Whistler sponsors, members, artists and volunteers for organizing such an incredible night! All of the Community Foundation of Whistler attendees had a great time.

Growing the Arts & Culture Legacy Fund offers valuable long-term support for up and coming artists by specifically supporting Grade 7 and Grade 12 students with art awards, as well as supporting member group grants for community arts-based groups.

The Anonymous Art Show raised $15,000 toward Arts Whistler’s 2018 fundraising target of $30,000. And we're excited they've established an annual event that's so much fun.

Make a donation now to the Arts & Culture Legacy Fund by clicking here and selecting it from the drop down!

Thank you, Whistler, for your amazing support at this local event!

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