Investing in a Thriving Community

Community Foundation of Whistler awards $219K in grants

Community Foundation of Whistler awards $219K in grants

Investing in a thriving community through grants that educate and build local connections

At the Community Foundation of Whistler, each of the volunteer granting committees takes a long-term view of community development to invest in programs that get to the root cause of issues and provide long-term solutions.

Our full list of grants follows below.

AWARE received strong support from the Environmental Legacy Fund for their Nature-Based Youth Camps and Zero Waste Initiatives. Grants totaling $50,000 build on AWARE’s capacity and ensure they continue to play a significant role in protecting our local natural environment through innovative educational initiatives.

In 2013, the Community Foundation of Whistler’s Environmental Legacy Fund committee took a chance on AWARE by supporting a 3-year seed funding program for operations. Operational support is something many funders don’t offer but it is being recognized as a means of creating transformational change for small non-profits.

Our ability to elevate environmental programming in the community would not have been possible without this overarching support from the Community Foundation of Whistler.”- AWARE

Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council (SSISC), a multi-year recipient, also received support for their incredible efforts in minimizing the impact of invasive species on our environment, our health and the local economy. Continued support, from the Environmental Legacy Fund, has allowed SSISC to grow as an organization and create impact through significantly reduced regrowth of invasive plants in treated areas. SSISC expects to see an expansion of their invasive animals program with these funds.

Environmental Youth Mentorships Grants provide learning opportunities to local youth, and this year grants went to AWARE, SSISC and Stewardship Pemberton.

The Community Foundation of Whistler looks to grow our Community Grants program which offers direct funding to the greatest need. Unique to the Community Fund, our selection committee has no restrictions on the placement of funds and has the opportunity to assess grant applicants based on their ability to fill a gap within the community.

This year, the Community Grants address some of the issues identified in the Community Foundation of Whistler’s Vital Signs reports, such as a growing number of immigrants, babies born to mothers far from family support, and mental health issues.

Whistler Multicultural Network’s Parenting Across Cultures brings together young immigrant mothers to connect with one another and assists mothers in navigating the school system, the health care system and more.

School-based workshops provided by the Whistler Suicide Prevention program also received funds for continued support to provide youth will life skills and the knowledge to support others in the face of a crisis.

Building connections at the neighbourhood or block level is a vital contribution to a sense of belonging in our community. Therefore, the Resilient Streets project received a grant to help provide micro-grants for neighbours to plan and initiate small actions that make their street or block a better place to live.

Our Community Fund supports the long-term vitality of local charities. As mentioned, the Community Fund delivers funds to the applicants that show the greatest need, without restrictions. So, we encourage a direct donation or gift through your will to ensure you’re making a lasting impact on your community.

The foundation will make further funding announcements in 2018.


Community Grants Program

  1. Sea to Sky Community Services & Whistler Multicultural Network: Parenting Across Cultures. Grant amount $2,690
  2. Whistler Centre for Sustainability: Resilient Streets, Grant amount $3,000
  3. Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of BC: Whistler Suicide Prevention Program. Grant amount $5,000 (together with funding from the Whistler Youth Foundation Fund)
  4. Whistler Writing Society: Authors in the Schools. Grant amount $1,000

Environmental Legacy Grants Program

  1. AWARE: Zero Waste Initiatives. Grant amount $2000
  2. AWARE: Capacity Funding. Grant amount $10,000
  3. AWARE: Step Into Nature. Grant amount $4,000
  4. AWARE: Nature Based Youth Programming. Grant amount $29,000
  5. AWARE: Eco-Citizen video. Grant amount $5,000
  6. AWARE and the Whistler Naturalists Society: Fungus Among Us Mushroom Festival. Grant amount $4,500
  7. AWARE and the Whistler Naturalists Society: Whistler BioBlitz. Grant amount $17,000
  8. Whistler Museum and Archives Society and the Whistler Naturalists: Wedgemount Glacier Monitoring. Grant amount $1,636
  9. Whistler Museum and Archives Society: Discover Nature. Grant amount $8,000
  10. Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council: Inventory, Control and Monitoring. Grant amount $18,000
  11. Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council: Education, Outreach and Training. Grant amount $15,000
  12. Whistler Centre for Sustainability: Energy Literacy Teaching Modules. Grant amount $3,201
  13. Rotary Club of Whistler: Don’s Sign Project, Whistler Interpretive Forest. Grant amount $9,620
  14. Stewardship Pemberton Society: Feast for Change. Grant amount $8,000

Jill Ackhurst Social Action Grants

  1. Whistler Adaptive Sports Program: Hawkes PTSD program. Grant amount $2,000
  2. Howe Sound Women’s Centre: Mama Baby Connection, prenatal yoga and birth preparation classes. Grant amount $2,800
  3. Zero Ceiling Society: Work to Live. Grant amount $3,000 (together with funding from the D. Smythe and Family Fund).

Pemberton and Area Community Grants

  1. Pemberton Childcare Society: New Storage Solutions. Grant amount $1375.33
  2. Pemberton Youth and Seniors Centre: Identity Wall. Grant amount $561

Kathy Barnett Leadership Grants

  1. Whistler Arts Council for Imogen Osborne. Simon Fraser University Executive Leadership Certificate. Grant amount $2,500
  2. Howe Sound Women’s Centre for Shannon Cooley-Herdman: Project Management Institute: Facilitating Meetings with Ease. Grant amount $2,087.07
  3. Skate Canada for Diane Diamond and Katia Barton (Whistler Skating Club): Ice Summit. Grant amount $1,255
  4. Howe Sound Women’s Centre for Amber Gould: Marie Forleo’s B-School, Desire Map Facilitation. Grant amount $2,500

Bob and Sue Adams Leadership Grants

  1. Whistler Arts Council for Imogen Osborne. Simon Fraser University Executive Leadership Certificate. Grant amount $500

Charity Funds

Charity funds provide support for the operational expenses of local charities as a host of scholarships and bursaries.

Arts and Culture Legacy Fund. Disbursement $12,780

AWARE Environmental Fund. Disbursement $320

Big Brothers Big Sisters Sea to Sky Fund. Disbursement $195

Whistler Public Library Fund. Disbursement $325

Zero Ceiling Society Fund. Disbursement $357

Whistler Animals Galore Fund. Disbursement $340

Whistler Adaptive Sports Program Fund. Disbursement $1,386

Whistler Museum and Archives Fund. Disbursement $565

Whistler Search and Rescue Fund. Disbursement $36,500

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