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Make a Will Week

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Making a will might feel scary or nerve-wracking for some. We’d guess that’s why studies show that not all Canadians have one. In fact, BC is the leading will-making province with just 55% of residents reporting that they have a will in place.

But the benefits are surprising. And the time and money that it takes to make a will is short compared to the challenges families face when a loved one passes on without a will.

We encourage you to make one, and to reach out to professionals that can help.

5 reasons to make a will this week

In making a will, you can

  • choose how your assets are distributed -- without a will the government may step in to help make decisions or choose a decision maker for your estate.
  • talk to your trusted advisors about how to maximize your legacy through tax benefits and life insurance policies. Plus, they can ensure beneficiary statuses make sense.
  • prepare a charitable donation or legacy fund for your favourite organization or cause.
  • reduce the stress of making a will at the last minute or leaving the world suddenly without one.
  • give your family the gift of knowing that every decision follows your wishes.

If you’ve already prepared your will, make a will week is a great time for updates. Experts suggest keeping things like your marital status, beneficiaries, investments and legacy interests up to date.

Want to leave a legacy for your community in your will?

Connect with a Community Foundation of Whistler Legacy Fund Advisor, today!

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