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Growth and Belonging in Whistler

Growth and Belonging in Whistler

On May 30th, a group of interested citizens joined us for a Vital Conversation about growth and change in WHistler and how that impacts our sense of belonging in the community.

With the guidance of arts educator Jill Nowack, participants crafted poems and songs that reflect their thoughts on what is happening in Whistler at this time.

Poem 1

Tiny town is growing.

More residents, more visitors, more development, more cars, more service pressures. More More More.

Cracks are appearing

Highway, lifts and beds are at capacity! Again

We have the amenities we need

But we are exhausted

Are we losing touch      

-  with each other?

-   with ourselves?

-    with nature?

Growth means some people are winning

And some people are losing

Is this the Whistler way?

Is this the time to revisit our limit to growth?


Poem 2

Our community sees changes in patterns

We want to participate, to matter

The housing, daycare, schools, the hurry

We feel nervous, less relaxed, and worried

Whistler’s Growing….. Forget Us Not


We came for the nature, for the smiles

Now resources are stretched for miles

We have lost our freedom to plan and dream

The solutions lie in our heart, in our community

Whistler’s Growing….. Forget Us Not


Poem 3


Busyness, crowds on hill

Cause us space challenges

Pressure on relationships, housing, childcare, services

But we don’t want to leave

Happy to have young families, seniors, and more diversity.

And help those who struggle, to feel they belong in Whistler.


Busyness, values changing

Make it difficult to connect

Longer waitlines cause congestion

At the store and on the hill

Does this mean we lose our core?

No, we need to embrace our community


Poem 4


Too fast

Too busy

Nervous about housing

How do I build a family

We have the opportunities to


Stay active,

Participate in the community,

Plan for housing,


Respect the Nature.


Whistler’s Vital Signs® is a community checkup conducted by the Community Foundation of Whistler that measures the vitality of our community. Vital Signs compiles existing data from local, provincial and national sources with feedback from the create a comprehensive look at how our community is doing.

The Community Foundation of Whistler's role is a catalyst for community development. Through Vital Signs we serve as an independent resource for community knowledge.




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