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Announcing our Spring 2017 Grants

Announcing our Spring 2017 Grants

We are awarding over $137,500 in grants this spring.

The amazing thing about endowment funds is the income that is generated year after year from the invested capital.

With over $6 million in invested assets, the Community Foundation of Whistler is providing reliable funding for many local groups whose work makes Whistler a great community.

We are pleased to announce the recipients of our Community Grants, Jill Ackhurst Social Action Grants, Whistler Youth Foundation Grants, Pemberton and Area Community Fund grants, Kathy Barnett Leadership Grants, Bob and Sue Adams Leadership Grans and our first round of Environmental Legacy Grants.

Special this year is our Canada 150 grants. In partnering with the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th we are awarding an additional $28,500 in support of local projects celebrating community this year.

Another new program this year is our Environmental Legacy Fund Youth Mentorship Grants. These grants represent a pilot project created to help local environmental organizations connect with local youth and foster engagement and mutual learning.

This year, we were able to use our 2016 Whistler Vital Signs report to guide our granting. Program’s such as the Whistler Multicultural Network’s Parenting Across Cultures pilot project aims to provide support for the growing number of young immigrant families in Whistler, helping them to navigate the challenges of becoming a parent in a different culture. With Whistler experiencing a baby boom of sorts, the Whistler Women’s Centre’s Mama Baby Connection program provides the only free prenatal program for expectant mothers in Whistler, supporting them and helping them make connections during one of the largest transition in their lives.

We are also excited to support the Neighbourhoods Work program that focuses on building community connections and engagement at the neighbourhood level. This is especially important in Whistler where some of the population is transient or part time residents. Neighbhourhood connections are vital to people’s sense of belonging in their community.

We are supporting programs that are taking a proactive, preventive approach to support the wellness of individuals and families, helping people to connect with others and contributing to an inclusive and resilient community”- Executive Director Carol Coffey


Community Grants Program

  1. Whistler Waldorf School: Disconnect to Reconnect. Grant Amount $768
  2. Whistler Multicultural Network: Parenting Across Cultures. Grant amount $1,570
  3. Whistler Public Library: Technology Literacy Series, Grant amount $2,400
  4. Whistler Centre for Sustainability: Neighbourhoods Work, Grant amount $3000
  5. Easter Seals House Society: Easter Seals House Vancouver. Grant amount $1,500

Environmental Legacy Grants Program

  1. Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council: Inventory and Control. Grant amount $16,000
  2. Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council: ELF Youth Mentorship Grant for Inventory and Control. Grant amount $3,000
  3. Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council: Outreach, Education and Training. Grant amount $13,000
  4. Stewardship Pemberton Society: Feasting for Change.  Grant amount $7,425
  5. Stewardship Pemberton Society: ELF Youth Mentorship Grant for Feasting for Change. Grant amount $2575
  6. Whistler Museum and Archives Society: Discover Nature. Grant amount $8,000
  7. Whistler Naturalists Society: Glacier Monitoring. Grant amount $2,000
  8. Whistler Naturalists Society: Whistler BioBlitz. Grant amount $15,000
  9. Whistler Naturalists Society: Fungus Among Us Mushroom Festival. Grant amount $3,500
  10. Myrtle Philip Community School Parent Advisory Council: Myrtle Philip Community School Outdoor Learning Centre. Grant amount $15,000

Jill Ackhurst Social Action Grants

  1. Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of BC. Whistler Youth Suicide Prevention Program. Grant amount $2,500
  2. Howe Sound Women’s Centre: Mama Baby Connection, prenatal yoga and birth preparation classes. Grant amount $2,175
  3. Zero Ceiling Society: Family Meals. Grant amount $1125

Whistler Youth Foundation Grants

  1. Whistler Writing Society: Authors in the Schools. Grant amount $1000

Pemberton and Area Community Grants

  1. Pemberton Childcare Society: PLAYtots program. Grant amount $1612.50

Kathy Barnett Leadership Grants

  1. Whistler Arts Council for Mandy Rousseau. BCIT Non-Profit Management Associate Certificate. Grant amount $2000
  2. Zero Ceiling Society for Christine Wrightson: Simon Fraser University courses in Non-Profit Management. Grant amount $1590
  3. Howe Sound Women’s Centre for Mary Saugstad: Sexual Health Educator Certification program. Grant amount $2,000

Bob and Sue Adams Leadership Grants

  1. Whistler Arts Council for Mandy Rousseau. BCIT Non-Profit Management Associate Certificate. Grant amount $500


The Foundation will also be awarding over $15,000 in Scholarships and Bursaries this year and will be distributing $37,717 to the nine agencies for whom we manage charitable endowment funds. The Foundation also hopes to award more Environmental Legacy Grants in 2017.

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