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Announcing Environmental Youth Mentorship Grants

Announcing Environmental Youth Mentorship Grants

The Community Foundation of Whistler is pleased to offer Environmental Legacy Fund Youth Mentoring Grants. This is the first time the Foundation has offered youth mentorship grants. These grants represent a pilot project created to help local environmental organizations connect with youth and foster engagement and mutual learning.

The ELF Youth Mentoring Grants are available to recipients of Environmental Legacy Grants as a supplemental to their ELF grant in order to provide short-term learning and mentoring experiences for local youth in the area of environmental conservation, research, stewardship, public education, and planning.

The Community Foundation of Whistler recognizes that there are certain costs incurred by grant recipients in the mentoring and administration of a youth mentoring position. The grants are meant to provide for these costs as well as to provide for a stipend or wage for a local youth.

Duration and hours

The duration and hours worked may be determined by the recipient organization, in consultation with their selected youth mentee. It is not necessary for the mentorship to take place during the summer. We understand youth appreciate and seek short-term learning opportunities.

The mentorship is meant to create meaningful learning experiences for the youth. It is expected that the organization receiving the grant will commit to having staff an or volunteers supervise and mentor the youth they select.

Amount of Grant

The Community Foundation of Whistler is making 2 grants of up to $3000 available for 2017.

The grant includes up to $2000 to be used towards wages or a stipend for the youth and up to $1000 towards administering the mentorship and the mentorship time itself.

Responsibility of Recipient Organization

The recipient organization is responsible for:

  • recruiting and selecting the youth candidate for the position in accordance with the youth eligibility below;
  • creating a work plan that meets the organization’s need as well as the ELF criteria;
  • providing the necessary infrastructure to carry out the work plan;
  • providing the youth with training, guidance, and mentoring.

The internship must take place within the timeframe of the associated project/program for which the organization has received an ELF grant.

Eligibility of Youth

  • You aged 15 to 30 are eligible to participate;
  • Must have lived in the Whistler or Pemberton region for a minimum of one year prior to commencement of the mentorship period;
  • Preference given to youth who are interested in pursuing a career in the environmental field; and
  • Preference given to secondary school students, though post-secondary students are also eligible as well as young adults not currently attending school but who are interested in a career in the environmental field.

How to apply

Organizations must be applying for regular grant under the Environmental Legacy Grants program.

This program uses a two-step application process:

  1. Letter of Enquiry. When you submit your Letter of Enquiry to the Community Foundation Whistler please indicate in your letter if you are interested in applying for an ELF Youth Mentorship Grant as a supplement to your project. Letters of Enquiry must be submitted by Wednesday February 8, 2017.
  2. Application. If your project or program is selected by the Environmental Grants Advisory Committee to submit a full grant application, you will be asked to provide the details in your ELF grant application on how you will implement the mentorship including a description of the learning opportunity you will provide and an outline of your work plan.

Please refer to the Environmental Legacy Grant Application Guide for more information about the Environmental Legacy Grants program.


Contact: Carol Coffey

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