Summer Mentor Mountain Bike Program: Choose Your Own Adventure

Zero Ceiling Society works to provide unique opportunities to at-risk youth; using adventure sport to create opportunities for learning life skills.

The Mentor Mountain Bike Program in June 2014 gave 4 at-risk Whistler youth the opportunity to enhance self-esteem, learn to set goals, improve relationships with parents and teachers and peers, to make good decisions.

The program paired the group of youth with a mentor coach for four days of themed mountaining biking sessions. Youth received support and guidance not only in downhill mountain boking, but in daily learning modules that helped give them tools they can apply to all aspects of their lives when challenges present themselves.

The Four Themes were:

  1. Balance- how to choose a balanced lifestyle
  2. Resilience- bouncing back from obstacles or failures
  3. Success -What is success to you? How to set goals
  4. Choose your own adventure- Putting it all together to create your path!

What was the most important lession learned?

Taking Calculated Risk:

The idea of stepping small percentages out of your comfort zone when riding down a mountain to ensure one's safety and success was often suggested before descending. This idea was later discussed with the group off the mountain. The group was encouraged to apply this idea to current life situations. In daily discussions, mentors address the issues of staying safe and not being reckless, as well as steps to take that create success for selecting and completing tasks.

Check out the video and photos:


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