Spring Creek Community School Trip to Outdoor School


No clocks, computer screens, alarms or distractions, immersing oneself in nature helps build environmental awareness and personal goals for change.

In October 2014, the grade 6 and 7 students of Spring Creek Community School/Ecole La Passerelle journeyed to the Sea to Sky Outdoor School on Gambier Island for a 4-day field trip. This environmental education is an experiential learning program, giving students first-hand knowledge of forest and tidal ecology.

The students explored the local ecology. For some from Whistler, it is an unusual experience to be immersed in the coastal tidal zone.

Students participated in a food waste challenge as well as ethical challenges, forcing them to face their personal responsibility for their environment.

Using art, songs, skits, and experiences such as swimming in the ocean, handling slugs the students really considered the key ideas of sustainability, through the symbolic points of the compass:

N: Nature: Look to the North Let Nature be your guide

S: Sustain: to Sustain All the Wonders in Life

E: Ethicis: East Lies the Ethics The Choices to Come

W: Work: Then take a step to the West Cause there’s work to be done


“We were shown the big picture and we learned about all the sustainable projects happening around us”

“We learned how to make our decisions based on the impact to others and the Environment”

“The outdoor school gave me a different perspective on a lot of things like food, the environment, healthy choices, and lots more.”

“I learned how much we actually waste and the people that it could go to”

“Outdoor School was wonderful! You really taught us amazing values”


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