Investing in a Thriving Community

Bringing One Mile Lake Nature Centre to Life

The Stewardship Pemberton Society had a dream to create a nature centre and in 2012 they completed construction of the One Mile Lake Nature Centre. With the bones in place, they then required help to bring the building to life with displays and a native plant garden.

With funding from the Environmental Legacy Fund, the volunteers went to work to create a interpretive native garden that not only seeks to be a tool for education on the protection and preservation of the environment, but also to link with First Nations culture of the region. 

The project has been a catalyst for bringing the community together and also connecting the community globally. In the summer of 2013 30 Cadets visiting from the UK laboured to create a pathway that meandered like a stream, to be bordered by native plants and interpretive signs. The Cadets also created an outdoor classroom and outdoor play area.

On Rivers Day community members pitched in to plant native species.

Interpetive signage that incorporates the Lil'wat language and culture will be installed in the spring of 2014.

The nature center is also creating an educational hatchery, an indoor beaver dam display, a red-tailed hawk nest, a live interactive bee hive, a live willow shelter, an outdoor bear den and more!

The facility is used for nature camps, school groups, community groups, local residents and visitors.

Stay tuned for more as the project continues.


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