Investing in a Thriving Community

North Shore Schizophrenia Society

One in five people will have an episode of a mental disorder in their lifetime. The North Shore Schizophrenia Society determined that there is a need in Whistler and Pemberton for more support for families closer to home; and there is a need for increased awareness of mental illness, support available, and the importance of early intervention.

As the usual age of onset for schizophrenia is between 15 and 25 years of age, the North Shore Schizophrenia Society asked the Community Foundation of Whistler to support their Partnership Education and Awareness Program to bring an education program to grade 10 students and to bring outreach resources into the community in 2010.

Through presentations in the community, attendance at public events, and outreach activities, the project has increased awareness of schizophrenia and the stigma of mental illness. The project also engaged Lil’wat Nation youth outreach workers. The Society now functions as a primary point of contact for families who live far from their ill relatives in the community.

Support for the Partnership Education and Awareness Program was made possible by the Community Grants Program.

The Community of Foundation is providing further support for the North Shore Schizophrenia Society in 2011-2012 with their Suicide Awareness and Prevention program. The grant for the Suicide Awareness and Prevention Program comes from the Jill Ackhurst Social Action Fund.