Investing in a Thriving Community

Bringing the past to life through art

In the fall of 2012 the Jeff Slack of the Whistler Museum and Archives Society worked with students at Whistler Secondary School on a historical art project. Jeff visited Ms. Norrie's grade 10/11 art class. Jeff provided the students with a lesson on Whistler's history and showed them 100 historical photographs from the Whistler Archives.

Each student was then tasked with creating a piece of art that made a statement about Whistler's history. We encourage you to visit the Whistler Museum Blog to view the outstanding results!

Katies Picture

Katie's drawing of Myrtle Phillip

"I focused on the aspect that Whistler has changed a lot but Myrtle Philip was still one of the first people to really have a big effect on Whistler. She may have been a fisherman, hunter, etc, but I decided to put her in front of the village in my version to portray that maybe there was once only a log cabin but now in Whistler there is a whole village, and it is partly thanks to Myrtle. I was inspired by Myrtle because she was a strong pioneer and is a model for modern day women."