Investing in a Thriving Community

Applying for a Grant

Our grants programs are based on our vision to increase the impact of grants on the community, to increase the ability to demonstrate the impact of our grants to the community, and a desire to enhance collaboration within the community.

Through our grant programs, we seek to incorporate the values and characteristics of a thriving community. These include:

  • Building connections
  • Supporting inclusiveness and participation
  • Creating opportunities for all to thrive in a safe and healthy environment
  • Building resilience and investing in activities that generate long-term impact for the community
  • Knowledge and understanding of the local community
  • Thoughtful planning based on desired impacts in the community
  • Accountability and trust among community organizations and partners

The Community Foundation of Whistler uses an outcome measurement framework approach to granting. This approach to program planning emphasizes clarity about the difference that programs are making in the community.

We want to know your vision. How will our community be different as a result of your project? What is the change you want to create in the community? Within the framework of the values and traits above, tell us how your project or program will contribute to a thriving community.

Applicants should have a clear and logical plan for projects. Your plan should demonstrate the resources required, the activities involved, the outputs you will produce, and the resulting changes in people, families, organizations and the community.

The outcome measurement framework requires indicators to measure your success towards attaining the desired impact in the community. How will you know whether your project is successful in creating the changes you wish to attain?

In addition to the measurables, story telling is one of the most effective tools nonprofits can use to demonstrate the impact of their work. Be sure to plan how you will collect and share stories throughout your project.

The application guides provided for each grant program (available below) provide more information about the criteria for each grant program.

We also provide an Information for Grant Recipients resource to provide further resources.

Environmental Legacy Grants 2018

The Environmental Legacy Grants program uses a 2-stage application process:

Environmental Youth Mentorship Grants- They're Back!

The Community Foundation of Whistler is pleased to offer the Environmental Legacy Fund Youth Mentoring Grants. These grants were created to help local environmental organizations connect with youth and foster engagement and mutual learning. Learn more about this ELF grant supplement.

Community Grants Program 2018

The Community Grants program uses a 2-stage application process:

Pemberton and Area Community Grants 2018

Scholarship Funds

Information about the scholarships available and how to apply is distributed through the secondary schools in the Sea to Sky Corridor. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact their guidance counselor for scholarship information. Application due dates are determined by each school. Usually applications are due mid-April.

  • Applications due each April
  • Scholarships are announced at each schools' awards ceremony in May or June
  • Community Foundation of Whistler scholarships are distributed through School District 48
  • More information on Applying for a Scholarship

Kathy Barnett Memorial Grants Program 2018

Bob and sue adams leadership grant program 2018

Whistler Youth Foundation Grants Program 2018

Jill Ackhurst Social Action grants program 2018

The Jill Ackhurst Social Action Grants program uses a 2-stage application process:

Emergency Fund Grant

  • Requests may be made at any time during the calendar year. Grants are generally disbursed in partnership with Whistler Community Services. Please contact us or Whistler Communinty Services Society for more information.


Calls for grant applications are issued on our website, by email and via advertisements in the Pique Newsmagazine. Please email us or call 604-935-8080 if you have questions.