Applying for a Grant


Let's make an impact together!

And so the grant cycle begins. Generally, the Community Foundation of Whistler's grant cycle runs from winter to spring. We welcome you to consider submitting an application and encourage you to read the guides to determine whether you or your organization qualify.

New for 2019, we invite you to use our new online grants management system. Our grants program officially opens on January 1, 2019, but you have access to the portal today.

Please create your organizational account for access to our application process.


Different programs use different processes. Please refer to specific Grants Guides for information about our granting principles, eligibility, focus areas, the application process, and what to do if your organization is not a registered charity or a qualified donee.

Environmental Legacy Grants 2019

The Environmental Legacy Grants program uses a 2-stage application process:

  • Letters of Enquiry are due in February 8 2019
  • Full Grant Applications, for those selected, are due on March 22, 2019.

Environmental Legacy Grants Guide 2019

Environmental Youth Mentorship Grants

The Community Foundation of Whistler is pleased to offer the Environmental Legacy Fund Youth Mentoring Grants. These grants were created to help local environmental organizations connect with youth and foster engagement and mutual learning. Learn more about this ELF grant supplement.

CARING Community Grants Program 2019

Our Caring Communiity Grants Program provides small grants for community projects. As of 2019, this grants program uses a short one-step application process.

This grants program is comprised of four streams:

  1. Whistler Community Grants
  2. Pemberton and Area Community Grants
  3. Social Care Grants
  4. Youth Grants
  • Grant Applications are due on February 22, 2019

Caring Community Grants Guide 2019

Kathy Barnett Leadership Grants Program 2019

  • Applications are due on March 31, 2019 *Extened from Feb 22nd

Kathy Barnett Leadership Grants Guide 2019

Bob and sue adams leadership grant program 2019

  • Applications are due on March 31, 2019 *Extended from Feb 22nd

Bob and Sue Adams Leadership Grants Guide 2019

Scholarship Funds

Information about the scholarships available and how to apply is distributed through the secondary schools in the Sea to Sky Corridor. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact their guidance counselor for scholarship information. Application due dates are determined by each school. Usually applications are due mid-April.

  • Applications due each April
  • Scholarships are announced at each schools' awards ceremony in May or June
  • Community Foundation of Whistler scholarships are distributed through School District 48
  • More information on Applying for a Scholarship

Emergency Fund Grant

  • Requests may be made at any time during the calendar year. Grants are generally disbursed in partnership with Whistler Community Services. Please contact us or Whistler Communinty Services Society for more information.



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