Investing in a Thriving Community



The Community Foundation of Whistler offers a number of grant programs for the benefit of Whistler and the Sea to Sky region.

Our Granting Principles

All of our grant programs are guided by the following principles:


The Community Foundation of Whistler recognizes that connections foster a sense of belonging for individuals and are essential for physical and mental wellness.


We support a vital community where everyone can participate and all the various segments of the community are embraced. People have the opportunity to learn from others and form understanding of different experiences and perspectives in the community. We emphasize community members taking collective responsibility for the wellbeing of all in the community.


We strive for a community in which all have the opportunity to reach their potential in a safe and healthy environment. We also support building capacity of organizations to ensure effective programs.


No one succeeds alone. To create effective change, people and organizations must work together. Partnerships and collaboration create a stronger impact and longer-lasting results.


We seek to support actions that address root causes, catalyze change and generate long-term impact.


A grassroots approach means that we involve ordinary people in collective participation at the local level. We emphasize a from-the-ground-up approach, encouraging community members to contribute by taking responsibility and action for their community.


A community is a complex system and the work of community groups is continuously effecting change in the system. Feedback loops are needed and we must be continuously evaluating our work. be adaptable and bold.

Our Grant programs

Environmental Legacy Grant Program: Support for projects that establish conservation; restore or enhance natural habitats; and establish or promote stewardship of the environment in the Whistler area specifically.

Caring Community Grants Program: Support for general community needs in Whistler, Pemberton and neighbouring First Nations communities.

The Caring Community Grants for Whistler are divided into three categories:

•Whistler Community Grants
•Social Care Grants
•Whistler Youth Grants

Scholarships: Scholarships and bursary awards are issued from a variety of funds to students in School District 48.  Programs include support for merit and participation in Outdoor Recreation Leadership, academic achievement, early childhood education and community involvement.

Kathy Barnett Memorial Grants Program: Supporting females in the Sea to Sky Corridor to pursue a personal and professional development opportunity.  Candidates must be partnered with a local registered charity and demonstrate a long-term commitment to making a difference.

Bob and Sue Adams Leadership Program: Supporting individuals in the Whistler and Pemberton area in the pursuit of professional development opportunities. Candidates must be partnered with a local registered charity and use the skills and knowledge gained to generate community benefit.

Emergency Fund GrantOne time grants designated for community groups, families and / or individuals needing short-term support as a result of a natural or socio-economic disaster.

For information on how to apply, please visit our Applying For a Grant page. You may also contact us or call 1 (604) 935-8080.