Create Your Own Fund

The foundation is able to create many different types of endowment funds. Funds may be created in the name of the donor or in honour of someone or something that holds meaning for the donor.

Please contact us for sample fund agreements and more information about how to create your own fund.

Community Fund

A Community Fund is held for general charitable purposes. The fund is unrestricted and thus enables the Foundation to respond to a broad range of community needs.  This type of fund provides the foundation with the greatest amount of flexibility.

Field of Interest Fund

A Field of Interest Fund allows you to select a particular area to which grants from the funds will be directed, but gives the foundation the discretion to use the fund for charitable purposes it considers appropriate within that field of interest. Examples of fields of interest include arts & culture, health, natural environment, animal welfare, youth & families, and social justice.

Donors may establish a field of interest fund with a minimum gift of $10,000, provided outright or by commitment.

Designated Fund

A Designated Fund allows the donor to choose one or more registered charities to receive the income from the fund. As the donor, you determine specifically where the income from the fund will be directed. The minimum donation required to create a designated fund is $10,000, contributed outright or by commitment.

Donor Advised Funds

This type of fund allows a donor to participate in the distribution of the income from the fund. A donor advised fund is perfect for the donor who wishes to be involved in the grant-making process but does not wish to administer their own trust or private foundation. The Community Foundation of Whistler manages the investment of the assets for the donor.

Registered Charity Funds

These are funds established by charitable organizations as permanent funds to provide on-going support for their programs and operations. The foundation is the owner of the funds and the distributable income is assigned to the charitable organization. The minimum size of the fund for such an arrangement shall be valued at $10,000 contributed at once or by commitment.

Scholarship Fund

A Scholarship fund assists students to pursue education and training.

Flow through Funds or gifts

A Flow through fund is a non-permanent gift. The money received will be disbursed immediately or over a specified period of time.