Investing in a Thriving Community

Why Choose the Community Foundation of Whistler?

The Community Foundation of Whistler is the only local option to create an endowment fund for the benefit of the local community for all the generations to come.

Your gift will be prudently and expertly managed by our professional fund manager. We work to preserve the principal of your gift and generate investment returns that will result in grants for the community. See How our funds are managed.

By pooling all the gifts from donors in the community, the foundation is able to offer the advantage of reduced fund management fees.

Create your own unique legacy in the form of a fund in your name, your family name, or the name of a loved one. Leave Your Legacy

The foundation also offers flexible gift options to donors. For more information about the types of gifts we are able to accommodate, please see our Types of Gifts page.

How we help

Our local charities require consistent fundraising efforts to support the excellent programs and services they provide to the community; dinners, auctions, galas etc. All this requires a great deal of time and hard work by staff and volunteers, taking valuable resources away from the core purpose of the organization.

We want to return precious time and resources to local charities, giving them the freedome to focus on their missions.

We do this by acting like the savings account for the community, creating long-term stable sources of funding to support the full range of community life.