What is a community foundation?

A community Foundation is a registered charity that establishes and manages permanent endowment funds whose purpose is to benefit the residents of a geographical area. Community foundations pool charitable gifts from donors to create endowment funds.

An endowment is an investment fund whereby the principal amount is invested and only the interest earned is spent each year. When a donation is placed in an endowment fund, the gift keeps on giving year after year. Thus, an endowment fund is a long term resource for the community.

The Community Foundation of Whistler safeguards the funds and professionally manages the assets on behalf of donors and the community.

A Community Foundation plays three key roles:

  1. Serves donors who wish to make meaningful and lasting contributions to the well-being of their community
  2. Serves charitable organizations that provide programs and services for the community
  3. Serves the community at large who look for leadership in developing and preserving charitable capital for the benefit of the community.

The Community Foundation of Whistler is one of 191 community foundations across the country. We are connected by our national network, Community Foundations of Canada, and together we help Canadians invest in building strong and resilient places to live, work, and play.

For more information about the 191 community foundations of Canada, visit www.communityfoundations.ca and follow the hashtag #youmakeyourcommunity

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