Investing in a Thriving Community

Professional Advisors

The Community Foundation of Whistler is a valuable resource for you and your clients. We can help your clients match their values with local needs and create a long term legacy for their community.

We offer flexible giving options to meet the unique needs of each client.

Professional Advisors eResource

Professional Advisors eResource is a free online resource developed by the Community Foundation of Canada to assist advisors who wish to raise the topic of charitable giving with their clients.

The resource includes plenty of helpful tools and resources including:

  • adding charitable giving to your practice
  • asking the "giving question"
  • a Charitable Gift Matrix, discussing the pros and cons of various gifts
  • technical information about six common gift options
  • solutions for the various life stages of giving
  • handouts you can personalize and share with clients
  • a news section to keep you up to date on the latest issues and trends

By partnering with the Community Foundation of Whistler, you may be able to better serve your clients with tax planning, estate planning, and creating a lasting legacy that is unique to them.

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