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The Community Foundation of Whistler released it's first Vital Signs® Report on October 3rd 2016.

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Whistler’s Vital Signs® is a community checkup conducted by the Community Foundation of Whistler that measures the vitality of our community. Vital Signs compiles existing data from local, provincial and national sources with feedback from our focus groups, community group meetings, stakeholder meetings and the findings from the Whistler Vital Signs Survey to create a comprehensive look at how our community is doing.

Whistler’s Vital Signs is created for the benefit of all community members; a tool to engage all residents, encourage conversation and inspire action in all.

Whistler’s Vital Signs aims to give all community members a voice. By presenting facts and residents’ perceptions on key areas of community life, we hope to increase community-wide understanding of the different opportunities and challenges encountered in our community

Why Vital Signs

There is a vibrant local community in Whistler and we are all part of coming together to actively create the kind of community we want.

The Community Foundation of Whistler believes that when people have knowledge and are consulted about the type of community they want to live in, they become involved in the process of shaping their community.

The Foundation works with a wide range of community groups and we get a comprehensive view of local issues. Because the Community Foundation of Whistler manages endowment funds that support annual grants for community programs, we take a long-term view of community wellness.

The knowledge we gain from Vital Signs helps us to measure community wellness over time and will help to increase the effectiveness of our grantmaking. It will inform us, our donors, and work of other groups in the community.

A special thank you to our funders, partners, and volunteers in the community who made this report possible.



Additional Thanks to:

  • Community Foundations of Canada
  • Joern Rohde Photography
  • Whistler Creative

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