A growing legacy for a solid tomorrow.

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We work to enhance community connections. Our endowment funds give us a solid foundation with which we respond to the changing needs of the community.

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We help you create a legacy that will grow and leave continuing support for what you value in your community.

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Our grants nurture and strengthen community groups in a wide variety of areas, spreading vitality and enhancing lives.

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The Community Foundation of Whistler manages donations as long term investments in the community, supporting grants to local charities year after year. We are building a community where charities have long term sources of stable funding to support the full range of community life. As the only local option for creating a permanent personal legacy for your community, we help you to support the causes that you care about. The Community Foundation of Whistler is working to bring the community together to grow and ensure our solid tomorrow. Learn more

Kathy Barnett Leadership Luncheon
Kathy Barnett Leadership Luncheon

Empowering for Change

Celebrating International Women's Day

Bringing One Mile Lake Nature Centre to Life
Bringing One Mile Lake Nature Centre to Life

Congratulations to the Stewardship Pemberton Society for making their dream come true.

Putting a Human Face on Mental Illness
Putting a Human Face on Mental Illness

A community CAN make a difference in providing appropriate support to individuals and families who struggle with mental illness.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Sea to Sky Corridor
Big Brothers Big Sisters Sea to Sky Corridor

Patrick and Josh: The positive effects of one-to-one mentoring

Community Foundation of Whistler

Send us your nomination for the 2014 Whistler Citizen of the Year.

The Whistler Citizen of the Year is an oustanding community member who contributes significant volunteer time to enhancing the quality of life in Whistler.

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